4 Winter Lip Colors to Try

Do you think lipstick makes a difference? I do. I think it makes all the difference when you aren’t big into eye makeup or highlighting and contouring. It’s easy to freshen up, all you have to do is dab some color onto your lips. I think it says something. You have different colors that shout different things but never anything bad, in my eyes. I see girls pull off colors, I wish I could pull off which by the way, you all look gorgeous with the different colors. Lips are really a big deal — look at Kylie Jenner, she started her line with lip kits. People rave about the Kat Von D line — I need to try this out, can someone remind me? When I talk make-up, I talk lip colors and brands. I might discuss other topics but this is my main focus because it does not take as much work. I’m lazy, I won’t lie. I wish I could do eye magic but I can’t. I can do lip magic, though.

Okay, I’m sure we touched this subject a month ago but I’m obsessed with having color on my lips. Usually, I’m rocking a bold color if I’m going to wear color but I’ve started to tone things down. Not that anything is wrong with any color, you have to learn what works for you. When I had highlights, bright colors were the bomb on me. With my dark hair, sometimes I feel washed out so that’s when my neutral and pink colors come in. Especially in the winter when I’m longing for a tan, I rely on pink colors. I’ve also turned to nude colors because I just have a thing about neutral colors. Ask my family and boyfriend, they’ve picked up on my neutral wardrobe and made comments on it. Don’t fret, though I will pop up with bright colors out of nowhere because I’m just a box of surprises.

What is it about the seasons and collaborating tones? I don’t know but I oblige and I like it. I like having seasons where one color really works and it’s my main focus. Now, you can rock your colors whenever you want because I still do that depending on the occasion. I’m all about neutrals right now and probably every season so these neutral tones are really working for me.


This might be one of the first peachy nude colors I invested in. It’s a satin so it goes on easily and I don’t have to struggle like I do with matte colors. I really like mixing this color with a pink at times to give it more color because I do feel like it matches my skin tone a little. I love it, I won’t lie. I line my lips before and after putting it on because that’s what the make-up artist at MAC did and it makes them pop. Sometimes, I throw on a lipgloss on top because I want to be poppin. Just kidding. I do like this color and I recommend if you’re looking for a peach color. It goes on easy which is nice because I’m a matte addict so I do like having an easy application from time to time. 

Honey Love

Honey Love is a matte and I like it — it’s more of a beige tone with the pink in it. I’m not going to lie, most of the lipstick I buy is a matte so this was not a bad buy. I mix most of my beige and nude colors to have a small tint with them. It goes on easier than my other matte colors but I think it’s because I use those bright and bold colors way more than I do my neutral colors. I like this color and I bought the matching lip liner. I also have a Mahogany lip liner that I mix in from time to time. I would suggest Honey Love if you want to step away from a peach color. It is more of a nude compared to the other colors I do have. 

Time Square

Colourpop is the pink of all pinks. I was iffy about this color at first but it’s a treasure. I don’t have a lot of pink lip colors because I like bold colors and I usually wear lipstick more so in the summer when I’m tan and not pale, like now. This pink is soft and a matte lipstick. This formula goes on really well and I would not recommend putting on multiple coats because it can get clumpy. Plus the color goes on well, there is no struggle and one coat will definitely cover your lips. I would wear this on a night out rather than to work unless I’m in meetings all day because I’m at my desk most of the day and I might accidently drag my hand across my lips. I would suggest this color for the Spring too because it’s soft and natural.  


I’ve heard mixed reviews about Chi and I know you can’t get it anymore but I like this. It’s more of a nude color. I’ve never been big on nude colors because it basically matches my skin tone but I wanted to give Chi a try. I don’t know why honestly probably because it’s Karrueche’s lip collab and I was intrigued. I do like this color, same rules apply to this matte lippie as the Time Square color. One coat does you justice and it’s highly pigmented. This is the perfect color for brunch or a weekend lunch — I think it’s not doing enough if you’re going out to dinner but earlier in the day, it’ll definitely stand out… at least, as much as a nude color can stand out. 

Gosh, that was a lot! I love reviewing things but putting into words why I like things is always hard for me. I can review brand content for days but my own brand? It takes a minute. I’m not going to lie, as I write this I’m thinking of adding a splash of red or orange-red because we all need color is our life. I have hella Autumn colors so I need to bring those colors into the other seasons of my life. I’m growing to be a fan of nude colors — it took awhile to like them on me because I love them on other people but we always judge ourselves the hardest — stop it, by the way. 

What colors are you wearing this season?


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