4 Ways To Start Your Week Off With a Yay

Another week is upon us and it’s hard to not dread Monday from time to time. It’s not like Monday is a terrible day or anything but it’s the start to a new week and it means the weekend is over. Who really wants the weekend to be over? Exactly, you don’t. It’s not going to be a bad day if you don’t let it. You don’t know what the upcoming week holds—it could be the best week ever. Just let that sink in because I know Mondays can suck and I am the number one complainer on Mondays… but only in my head.

The thing about the weekend ending is that we don’t want to see it end. It’s like the peace and serenity of Saturday and Sunday are wiped out for busy and hectic schedules, not cool. It’s not that bad, though. We can get through this together. We can do this, you can do this, and I can do this. We can conquer this week and be boss peeps. The week is only going to be as bad as we let it whether we let negative thoughts take over or let people affect us, we are allowing outside sources to affect us and that’s not okay. This has to be the best week yet. And next week? Next week has to be better than the last week.

Here are a few things to implement into your life and turn your Monday into a Mon-yay.

Get some positive affirmation in your life

You can moan and groan all that you want, you can even pout about starting off the week but that’s your choice. It’s your choice on how you start your week out and it’s your choice on how you let things affect you. Insert positivity—this is where you decide to have a positive outlook and not let the small things get to you. This is the part where you find your favorite quote and use it as your mantra. It’s not hard to google quotes. Every Monday, #mondaymotivation is trending and you can dig deep to find a mantra for the day. If starting out on social media isn’t your thing, there are many things you can do. You just have to be about motivating yourself and really going into the week with a good outlook. A positive mind can be a powerful mind.

Don’t complain about the new week

Monday sucks, I hate Monday, etc. The way you are feeling is going to affect you. Don’t start the week off with complaints. That’s my issue and I’m here to tell you that issue sucks. It’s a new week and new day to have a brand new start. Not only do you control your thoughts but you control your emotions. If you’re complaining, you’re putting yourself in a rut. Why complain when you can think of things to look forward to? There are many things you can do to stop yourself from complaining whether it’s putting together weekly or daily goals or writing down positive things that you are looking forward to, you are controlling that output. It’s Monday, don’t complain. Monday is only as bad as we make it. Take the time that you would spend complaining and use it for good—what are your goals for the week? What are you looking forward to this week or month?


Plan the week out

You can start off the week by planning out your week. Obviously, life doesn’t always go the way that we plan it but there are many things that we can control. From what we’re going to wear, the make-up and hairstyles we want to utilize, meal planning, meetings, etc. These are the few things that we can control—we can’t control how people treat us and think about us but who cares? These things are more important in my opinions. You can easily meal prep on a Sunday and have your lunch cooked up for the entire week. It’s easy to get out the door in the morning. By laying out your clothes, which is something mom and dad used to remind us about as a kid, you’re cutting out time that would be spent looking for an outfit. Doesn’t it feel nice not to have to rush in the morning because you couldn’t decide on the red sheer top or rust colored sweater?

Power it all down

By removing yourself from technology before bed, you’re doing yourself a favor. I understand scrolling through Instagram and Twitter before bed, I’ve fallen asleep using Instagram but that’s a no-no. The one thing I need to learn is to power down before bed because Netflix is bae. Not only can you start each day off on a good, refreshed note but you can break the habit of needing to creep through social media before bed. It’s still going to be there in the morning. If you want to take it one step further, step away from social media throughout the week or in the morning. You don’t need to spend your precious time flipping through Instagram just to like a few pictures. Not only can social media be a distraction but twenty minutes can pass at work before you realize it. Sometimes, you just need to get through the day without that distraction. Memes are cool and all but focus. Shut it down before bed and at work, concentrate on your week and not just ‘getting through it’ — concentrate on actually being in the moment.

Have any hacks to get through the week? Share them below because we could all use the #mondaymotivation.



  1. March 15, 2017 / 8:48 pm

    Such great ideas! I love your idea of not feeling negatively about a new week, Sundays are always such a drag for me. But, this is a good reminder that thinking that way can make Monday even worse!

    • Brittnee
      March 23, 2017 / 10:40 am

      Yes, it’s probably been the best thing about starting a week! Going into it with a positive mindset really helps.

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