4 things to do with ‘lack’ of experience

Have you ever had that moment when you’re like I have no experience for this job? That moment when you realize that you haven’t been out of school long and you probably need more time gain experience for the position that you want. Recently, I had that moment. It’s a moment where you come back down to reality from that high of being this amazing killer at your job. It’s not reality though, it’s something that shows up to knock your hustle. Another reason I had this moment was due to a phone interview with a recruiter — we were having a conversation about a position that I currently hold that I was interested in at another company. As she was interviewing me and asking about the different positions I had held with my internship and initial first job, she stated that she didn’t think I had enough experience and I was silenced.

I was silenced until my friend Kelsea stated to me: “Fuck experience bro.”

And that’s when I realized she was right and I was no longer going to doubt my credentials. As a social media coordinator, I use social media every single day and I analyze and create content, I see what works and what doesn’t work. How did I not have enough experience for the exact same job that I was doing? Why would you not count every day life or my internships? Now, I don’t feel I’m entitled to getting this position but I don’t like being written off. Internships are experience. They give you experience and teach you about that position. You have a mentor in that position. You’re learning and you’re taking in what people around you are doing. Those years of higher education that you cashed out on, that’s experience. You’re being taught in subjects surrounding the position you’re in. Why aren’t places counting that as experience? Why write off education? Not only do you have that internship and/or education experience but your first job and volunteer time is experience.

What to do when they say you have no experience? Prove them wrong. Prove the doubters wrong and rightfully claim your spot. Believe and you will succeed in one way or another. 

Network like crazy

There is always someone out there that can help you get to where you are or give you advice on how to climb that ladder. Whenever you get the chance, take the risk and go out there and lay it all out. Meet new people, keep in touch and invite them to a coffee date or brunch. There are so many people out there that can present new opportunities to you. When you’re networking, you’re essentially selling yourself and making an impression right there. People will take that impression and know if you’re really about this life. Check out local meet-ups and LinkedIn groups to see what’s going on and get out there. 

Volunteer experience is experience

You’re giving time and you’re going through something that not too many other people are willing to do. Not only are you willing to do it but you’re usually doing it for free. Volunteer experience shows just how dedicated you are to a cause and the passion you have for something. Don’t volunteer for something just cause it’s going to look good on your resume, do something that is going to leave an impression on your life. It’s like an internship but the length is determined by you. Step out of your comfort zone and volunteer doing something that you’re going to love and learn from. 

Sell yourself 

When people doubt you, sell yourself. They can’t tell you that you aren’t what you say you are. Does that make sense? Don’t let any diminish how high you hold yourself and prove to them that you are the bomb.com. When someone comes at you sideways and questions you, own it. In that moment you need to own it all and show everyone what you are about. Put on your power pose and wow the room. You can do whatever you set your mind to and if you know that you are capable, shout it from the rooftops. 

Highlight your accomplishments

This falls into line with selling yourself. Bring up the fact that you did something great and it needs to be highlighted on. Talk about a project you worked on and how well it did wherever you place it along with the stats like analytics. You could lack experience but there is something amazing you did that needs to be brought up and boasted about. Be proud and humble with a teaspoon of modest. 

If you feel like an opportunity is presenting it’s self and you go all out for that position and don’t let requirements hold you back. You are in charge of your destination. Take charge and put your accomplishments and reasons for why you are an exceptional candidate out there. In my eyes, experience can be so many different things. You’ve been on this planet for some years now and you have experience in many different things that can and need to be highlighted on. 


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  1. June 21, 2016 / 8:01 pm

    Hi Brittnee 🙂 This is such an inspiring post. It's so informative and full of actionable tips. Thanks you so much for sharing it. I love reading positive posts like these and I've definitely learned lot from reading.


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