4 Things To Do When Your Friends Move Away

You know
growing up; the worst thing was a friend moving away. Correct me if I’m wrong
but it was just a sad thing to think about when that friend gone when you’re in
the fourth grade. The Posh Spice to your Spice Girl group was now gone and you
had no idea who was going to replace her. I was that friend that would move
away from time to time and I was also on the receiving end of my friends moving
away. I think that was a pro and con of being an army brat, no one stayed too
long in one place. Then again, it prepared me for my future as well. I mean I
learned from an early age that people move and it’s hard at first but you will

When my childhood best friend moved last year, we were both so angry at each other and didn’t make it work at first. Things are different now and we’re tighter than ever. Not only has my childhood best friend moved away but my college best friends are scattered and my high school best friends are in surrounding states. It’s been hard to adjust even as someone who used to move a few times as a child. I realize now that these are opportunities—opportunities to travel, opportunities for adventures, opportunities for change. 

Sometimes it feels like the end of the world when your closest friends have all made their route to the next place. I can attest to this. There are so many different things to dive into once that opportunity is presented to you. Don’t look at it as a depressing situation because it’s not unless you let it become that type of situation. Take that opportunity and go on adventures. 

Make trips

Uhm, hello this is the best excuse ever to take a trip! You get to go somewhere new and see your bestie. Trust and believe this is a great move. My first trip to see Samantha took place in Las Vegas for New Years. We both had never been and it was literally an adventure. Take the chance to go places and do these things. You need to have fun with your friends and explore the world. What’s better than hitting up a new spot with your bestie?! If you get lost, you get lost together. There’s nothing better than that new adventure that you get to take on with your best friend. It’ll be a blast and you’ll have the best memories!

FaceTime, Skype, Phone Calls, Etc.

This has been the number one thing that has kept all my relationships going. I FaceTime every single day. Thank goodness it’s usually in my bed and not eating away at my family’s data. Technology is so advance right that we have so many ways to communicate. If you can’t FaceTime, you can use Skype or another video messaging platform. If you want to communicate every day that is what your phone is for: you can text message and you can make a phone call, there’s so many chances to communicate with that phone. Not only are those a few platforms, now we have Snapchat to see each other’s face every single day. 

Write Letters—Be “Old-fashioned”

I know I’m not the only one that thinks writing letters is fun. I have so much fun walking up and down the card aisle to find something that will match my friends’ personalities. Trust me when I say that stationary is my favorite thing to pick out. I send letter to my family members and I like writing cute things to my friends for birthdays and special occasions but why not take it a step farther and write a letter? Let that friend know you care by going the extra step to send them some snail mail. This isn’t something that is done a lot. 

Send care packages

Cutest thing you can do? Put together the cutest box that you can and send it to your best friend. There are so many things that you can put into a box for your friends and after knowing them for so long, you would know what they might like and can surprise them. I’m a gifter and I love gifting to my friends and family— I’ve never been basic when it comes to gifts, making them into combinations and showing that you care. There are also so many sites that are dedicated to putting together the cutest boxes like Box Fox. You can do this, trust me. You can make one of these and put it on the gram. Do it for your bestie.

Don’t be sad for too long after your friends move, don’t wallow and whine. You have the opportunity now to travel to different places and explore them. There might be miles between you but they will not topple your relationship unless you let them. Have fun with your friends in their new place and plan vacations and trips back & forth, this is a chance to accept change and grow. Take that chance!


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