2016 Goals

At twenty-three, I have figured out that everything isn’t going to be together. There’s going to be people that leave your life and people that come back into your life. The challenges I used to think were so big aren’t so big compared to now. This past year, I didn’t really set any goals besides graduating which I knew was going to happen and getting a big girl job. I didn’t want to overdo it with a list of goals when I was trying to figure myself out. I learned a lot about myself, I won’t lie. Happy & healthy was the number one priority. 2015 flew bye, I feel like I blinked and it was over! Everything seems like a blur and so long ago when it really wasn’t. 

2015 was a year of great things. I graduated college and when I tell you I used to contemplate dropping out, I kid you not. Going through the pre-medicine field and thinking I loved that stuff really took a toll on me. I’m forever grateful to my OSU roomie Lena for suggesting looking into Fisher and sticking with our Fashion class. I would have never went into Communications if I hadn’t looked into the business school and what it had to offer. I scooped through things knowing I had a love for fashion and that’s when Public Relations and Communications came to mind. I’m now a graduate of The Ohio State University and I did it in Communications. I enjoyed writing long papers. I miss school sometimes. I miss the events and people. 

Becoming a full-fledged adult has been troubling. I’ve learned to be frugal and to save. I experience bills and having to pay them all on my own. It’s crazy what the jump from 2014 to 2015 has taken. I’ve never been angry about it, maybe confused and wanting answers but never truly angry. What’s there to be mad at when I have so much to be happy about? I remind myself that constantly. Of course, blowing that steam off is a good idea. I wish I had set goals this past year so I could feel like I was amounting to something, ya know? I just feel like I did stuff to do it, not because I was challenging myself. That’s why I’m making so many goals this year. Here’s a few of what’s in the works.

Conquer the work world

With my new role, I’m promising myself confidence in my work. It’s hard jumping into a new role and trying to work up to everyone’s expectations. As a newbie, I want to work with their tone but I’m encouraged to be me. It’s a hard thing to depict but I’m going to be more assertive and confident in what I think and the content I pull together.

Stay on a healthy track

I have a gym membership that I slack off on. I go at least, once a week and the maximum I hit was three days in one week. I need to step it up especially since I’m constantly sitting at work and I need to get the blood flowing. I’m also turning over a new leaf with healthier food and stocking my fridge with so much fruit. Plus I need to drink more water! I’m so good when I have to go to the gym and the days I don’t, I slack off.

Blog more, build up traffic

Goodness, it seems like I was blogging so much in the last few months and this month, I just fell off. I have so many different things I’ve stocked up on beauty wise that I would love to talk about. Expect content on those things and my Nike obsession. I’m going to get it together next weekend, I promise (:

Be fearless – don’t let pride win

I have this awful fight with my pride. I chase people away with this pride. I let it hold me back and I just need to be fearless. I always remind myself of my faith and the guidance from the Lord that I need to take because he never leads me wrong. I just want to be fearless and to ignore what people might think because we’re all different and we like different things. 

Read more

I love reading. Absolutely love it and I’ve been slacking on it. It bothers me because I love books. They were my thing when I was younger. Reading was my comfort zone when I found out we had to take tests on the books we read, I challenged myself to get a 10/10 or 20/20 on every test because we were rewarded points – it was almost like a bribe but I can say that I had the most AR points in my 6th grade class because reading is my thing. I’m going to get back into it.

Try new things

There are so many classes and things to try in Columbus and I need to get out there and do it. I’ve been in such a funk where Netflix + my bed have been my thing but I need to find time to do stuff. It’ll be nice to stop thinking for awhile and just concentrate on something like pottery or painting. This is something people are going to have to hold me to. 

That’s just a few things that I plan to do. I’m currently writing in the notes of my planner with the goals I need to do monthly. It sounds so structured and over the top but I truly do want to get back out there and do things. I want to feel like I accomplished something this year and that’s what I’m going to do.


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