2 Cheap Beauty Finds for Budget Lovers

I’m a bargain shopper. I love shopping and I try to keep a budget on everything. For me, I try to find things that I will use over and over again. I’m a product junkie, there’s no denying that. Amazon is my best friend when it comes to finding things, as well as Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I have crazy curly hair and oil skin – things I can’t control but want to control. I feel so shallow talking about how much time I dedicate to my appearance but I work in a world where appearance is a visual. Of course, there’s days when I toss my hair up in a bun and pray no one sees my chipped nail polish. As much as I wish I was put together, I’m not. I’m twenty-three and have grown to understand that I won’t have everything together yet. No one at twenty-three does, not even celebrities. Their lives are headlines and most of the time, it’s gossip. Everything can’t be put together. It has to be appreciated for what it is at that time.

Let me tell you why these great finds come at a nice time – one, I took off my acrylics because I can’t seem to handle them. I get stuck in my hair or with drawer knows. The acrylics would get caught in things and I felt like my nails were ripping off. I had to get rid of them. Plus the sanding down process was really killing my nails and my cuticles couldn’t take the pain anymore. So here I am with terrible looking nails that are peeled and cracked. I hate it but I know the process, I know it’ll take a few months before they’re back to normal and strong again.  My second issue is the amount of Halloween make-up I wore. I already have acne issues so the fact that I wore make-up the entire weekend definitely affected my skin. A zit here or there, nothing to complain really. Still, I have finally caught up to my acne issues and learned to control them so it sucks to see a pimple pop up every now and then. One would think after puberty, it would stop?! If I can’t be blessed with Chrissy Teigen’s chest still then please keep away zits. I promise my life isn’t full of complaints! I’m a happy B, I promise.

Indian Healing Clay

I have heard so much about this product. People swear by it and I only used it once when I bought it. What a waste right? I went to Lush and stocked up on their products which left this baby unused. It’s strong, you can feel your face pulsating when you put this mask on. My results with this mask have been alright so far. I feel like it pulls everything out which I’m thankful for. Especially when I have to wear it for twenty minutes, it better do all the work that it should be doing. It does a great deep cleaning, I promise. I live by it now. For Halloween, I was a jaguar and I applied make-up three times that day. During the day, a work Halloween party, and after I cleaned up for a night out with my best friend and her boyfriend. So my face definitely has been hating me and I don’t blame it. I finally used it Friday morning and it pulled some grossness out but it also left my face feeling glowly and smooth. I ordered mine from Amazon because I’m not sure where to find this in Ohio. It was $7.50 which is not bad for the amount you get and how well it works. I’ve spent more on other masks and they never yielded me any good results. This is a good bargain for a mask especially if you have Amazon Prime so free shipping is thrown into there as well.

Essie Nail Polish

I bought Essie Nail polish once at Target and was mad I spent $16.00 on two bottles of nail polish. I understand quality is greater than quantity but the quality of the two I bought were terrible. I think it might have been the series that was out and whatever formula they were using. Nonetheless, I went back to acrylics because I hate how the nail polish turned out on my nails. I gave up basically until they got caught and I was realized how harmful acrylics were on my nails. I’m still learning about everything beauty. I just now have realized how to contour and highlight the correct way. Anyways, I was at Marshalls on a boredom shopping trip. I need throw pillows, still haven’t found any and I thought they would have some. I was wrong. I just hope they have their Christmas stuff out because I want to go and get decorations ASAP. Well Marshalls, TJ MMaxx and HomeGoods have this great set-up that leads to the cash register – everything is cheap and something I want, they know how to keep me pulled in. So they have a make-up section and chilling in the basket was Essie Nail Polish for $3.99! Now, this is half of what it is at Target so I was excited and I couldn’t pass up on it. There were only like three colors os I got the tow I knew that I would wear and they appear so well and pretty on my nails. 

Those are my three latest finds. I want to say I swear by them but it’s only been a month so give me more time and I’m sure I will swear by them. These are great finds for ladies that are bargain shopping and living on a budget or even someone that just doesn’t see it fit to spend big bucks on certain products. I would love some feedback if anyone else has used these products and love the results? Especially with the Essie – I need help making it look thicj without loads of coats. Help me, please! Suggestions for other budget-friendly products are always welcomed!


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