10 Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon

So, I’ve been MIA a little. I traveled a bit and I’ve just been soaking up time with my boyfriend before he has to leave for training again. The blog took a little hit but I’m back and I’m better!

I wanted to share some great Black Friday deals but I couldn’t get it together in time since I had just come back from Disney and I wasn’t sure I was going to go Black Friday shopping — I ended up going, btw and scoring big on gifts for my parents and siblings.

Now, I’ve come to realize that while it’s fun requesting some gifts like clothes or shoes, I like to buy necessities that people are going to get some use out of. I know… no fun, right?

I love Cyber Monday because it requires the computer and internet. I don’t have to leave my house to go buy these things. I feel like it’s a perfect holiday even though I still have to work. Although, I do miss the allure of going to the store and checking things out before I commit to them.

When it comes to shopping online, I try to find things with high ratings because that lets me know that multiple people have given it a chance and my luck would be better than buying something with no reviews and ending up with a tablecloth as a dress. That’s my fun fact. You need to read the ratings, not just one but many before you can make the decision because there is usually that one person that gives a terrible review versus ten positive reviews.

This post contains affiliate links. I would never promote a product that I don’t love and my review is honest. If you decide to sign-up or purchase anything, it will cost you nothing extra and will provide me with some compensation.

I think these gifts are fun and useful — I’ve bought a few already because I love deals and it doesn’t get any better than scoring big on things that are full price throughout the year.


Rice & Grain Cooker | Amazon Echo Dot | Toaster | Amazon Firestick | Grow Your Own Caprese Garden | Viva Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser | What Do You Meme? Game | Hey Girl Tea Infuser BottleFurbo Dog Camera | Auna Record PlayerAmazon Echo

Almost everything on this list is below $100 which is why I put it together. Not everyone wants to splurge on things that are a designer brand or a trend. Sometimes, you just need to get things that are a necessity in your life right now.

Amazon has great deals on its electronics so I had to throw in the Echo, Echo Dot, and Firestick. Recently, I bought the Echo Dot and I think assistants to your everyday life like these things are pretty cool. The Echo is $79.99, Echo Dot is $29.99, and the Firestick is $25! I love my Firestick so I will always suggest this. It’s the bomb. Especially if you’re trying to rid your life of cable television.

Kitchen items are my favorite right now. The toaster and rice cooker were less than $20 and I feel like everyone should have a toaster if they don’t want to invest in a toaster oven. A rice cooker will be your best friend is you like rice. I almost always burn rice on the stove so this is a lifesaver. And, my pots don’t suffer — trust me, I’ve had to throw out a pot that I burned rice in.

The Grow Your Own Caprese Garden set stood out to me as something that is cool. I don’t have one personally but I want a garden and I need something easy. This seems simple and not something that I can kill easily so kudos to me for wanting to try this out! Also, not pictured above is an essential oils diffuser aka the best thing ever so I had to throw it in. You can have oils dispersed that help you relax and I suggest lavender or peppermint if you are stressed.

If you love tea, look into this Hey Girl Tea Infuser Bottle. It’s easy to carry one and have your teas infused in your water. Obviously, you can go further and infuse fruit which is why I like it. And, you can take it wherever.

Back to the tech stuff, the Furbo Camera is probably appealing to me because I’m obsessed with my dog. I think it would be so cool to put treats in and have them pop out when my pup is being good. This is the only thing above $100 and I think that shouldn’t be surprising. There’s a camera and there’s a barking sensor. It’s pretty legit.

My sister received a record player last year and I think they’re dope. It’s the perfect aesthetic for your decor and you can buy some of your favorite albums on vinyl. I’m such a home decor obsessor so I’m just thinking about how great it would look on my bar cart or on a shelf. They’re great though, I promise. Just keep an eye out for your favorite albums and when the price might drop.

Last, ‘What Do You Meme?’ game was thrown on here because it was put together by FuckJerry and I think games like this are fun. Anything that can bring everyone together is good in my book. I don’t think this is a miss and if you love FuckJerry on Instagram then you should know to expect something good.

Okay, so there were actually 11 things listed but I wanted to share all the things that I’m going after on Cyber Monday.

Obviously, I need to dig through other stores but on Amazon, these are my favorite finds.

Happy Cyber Monday! May you get all that you are looking for.



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