10 Budget Friendly Gifts

It’s that time of year. Christmas is upon us! I’m excited because I’m a giver and I love giving gifts to the people I love. I go all out especially now that I live by myself. My mother is a Christmas fanatic and I grew up watching her over decorate, the same with my nana. I’m honestly that way with all the holidays – I just want to have that home that is celebrating everything and awed upon by people that are passing by. I just love the enthusiasm and making people’s days with just the gesture of celebration. My first gift guide is definitely targeted towards those that want to save or have dozens of people to buy for – we aren’t all rolling in money so budgeting is important. Most importantly, it’s the thought that counts and gifts in general show that you care. I feel like when I receive something, someone cared enough to pick out this gift for me.

This gift guide is a mixture of different stores: TJ Maxx, H&M, and Charlotte Russe. These are three places that are relevant and host great deals throughout the year. There’s no doubt that the Christmas deals are going to be great. Even if they aren’t, there’s gifts for those of us working with a $15 maximum. If you think about it, these are great gifts for people that are not expecting a lot. We all have friends that are humble and modest about everything – they are gift givers as well and they would never want you to splurge like themselves. Here’s my picks for some bargain gifts. Of course, it features some of my favorite things but I hope it helps someone out there and I hope we can exchange ideas. 

Gold Plated Brass Hello And Au Revoir Ring 
$12.99, TJ Maxx

This bracelet is precious. I saw it and immediately had to add it to this list – don’t be surprised if I find it in stores and gift it to someone in my life. I think this would be the perfect gift for a best friend or clos friend. I love the fact that it says Hello and Au Revoir on the other side. It’s reminds me of an identity bracelet. It’s classy and would pair off greatly with a watch. 

Scarf $10, Charlotte Russe

People love scarves, you can’t go wrong with scarves. I have given scarves each year to the people in my life. I love scarves myself and it’s a great deal – I might even gift myself a few scarves. The winter season is among us, don’t forget to bless our friends with warmness. If you can’t figure out what to get your friend, a scarf is the go-to.

Up & Up™ Complexion Set $11.99, , TJ Maxx

I love make-up brushes and I want to invest in a great product. I honest believe in quality > quantity but some of the cheapest brushes I have bought have lasted me longer than the name brand, expensive brushes. Have a make-up savvy friend or beginner friend? This is possibly a great idea for that person. I have a few brushes that lose hairs every day on my face while my cheaper sets have lasted and worked better for the most part.

If Your Dreams
Spiral Notebook $3.99, TJ Maxx

You can’t go wrong with notebooks, especially as we get older and go into internships or want inspirational journals for class. I love journals that have encouraging words on them, I use them for work and they keep me  on track. I don’t know what it is but encouraging journals keep me on track. This would be a great gift for someone who has to write or plan a lot at their job or loves to write in general, you can’t go wrong with a cute notebook that inspires your friend. 

Necklace $5, Charlotte Russe

Statement pieces. There’s no way to go wrong with these, in my opinion. I love big necklaces that look like this. I think they shout classy and define grace. Plus this is a great price for the necklace, Charlotte Russe is selling them for $5 and you can’t go wrong when these are $15+ at other stores. Buy your fashionista friend this gem, it’s gorgeous and perfect – the price is set at a great number.

22oz Vanilla
Glaze Candle $9.99, TJ Maxx

For the candle obsessed. If you know someone that loves scents and can’t get enough of candles, this is the thing to do. I go to TJ Maxx all the time and check out the candles. They come at a great price and you could get a yankee candle for a cheaper price at TJ Maxx. Vanilla Glaze sounds like a donut, I absolutely love scented candles especially ones that have a good scent. 

Porcelain Box $12.99, H&M

There’s something precious about a porcelain box. So many different places offer these babies with different designs and color schemes. I think they’re great for the person who loves aesthetics and decor. A simple porcelain box can change decor and step things up alongside a dresser or bookshelf with necklaces. The friend with tons of jewelry would love this. 

Glass Box $12.99, H&M

I love these glass boxes. They are perfect for the home decor lover. I don’t care what anyone says, they are perfect for that person. It’s also perfect for your watch or jewelry obsessed friend. The ones from H&M come in gold, silver, and bronze – all colors which strike a hold in my heart. This would be the perfect gift for a friend that wants to be organized and classic. 

2-Pack Mugs $9.99, H&M

How cute are these mugs? Get these for your friend that is living on their own and might be slacking in the plate ware department. As millennials, I don’t think all our plate ware and cup ware has to match but maybe that’s just me? I love mugs, they remind me of Disney princess and captures that fairytale visual. Include some teabags and your friend might love you to the moon & back.

Apron with Printed Design $6.00, H&M

$6. This pretty baby is only $6, what a deal. I love it especially the mint color. The polka dots and caption is also adorable. Is your friend big on cooking or trying to learn to cook? This is probably one of the best deals you could find for them. I love it, I wish I cooked way more to wear it. 

These are just ten things that I have come up with. It was also my second draft because I lost my first gift guide. I hope these ideas help someone out even if they don’t, it has helped me out in some way. Please share your ideas and what budget friendly gifts that you have found! I appreciate all ideas. 


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